Let Horsefeathers Roadhouse (HFR) Make Your Romance Sweet and Spicy this Valentine’s Day!

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Love is in the air. It’s February for golly sakes and we have Valentine’s Day coming fast! Are you feelin’ the excitement yet? Valentine’s Day might seem over-rated by many of us here in Lake Norman, but it is likely that couples hold a more positive opinion of the day.

Let’s have some fun and share the do’s and the don’ts. Take notes. It could stop someone from sleeping on the couch! Top 10 Tips To Avoid A Valentine’s Day Disaster – Advice For Men… From Women.

So what’s a Romeo or Juliet to do? Never fear, the fun “lovin” food and drink professionals at Horsefeathers Roadhouse are here in Sherrills Ford to help ignite some sparks for Saturday, February 14th:

  • Give that special lady or gent a romantic ride to Horsefeathers Roadhouse: Jump on the Harley, Honda or Indian and grab a seat where the two of you have shared some long and happy conversations in the past. Point out the significance of this romantic venue just in case one of you has forgotten  a few starry-eyed details.
  • Nothing says “I Love You!” more than just saying it: If the words fit, say “I love you.” Repeat that as often as possible, and your “bestest” friend will always love hearing it. If expressing the words “I love you” isn’t appropriate, grab a PBR and some smokin’ wings with celery and carrots and enjoy some Wing Dings for Two. How romantic!
  • HFR’s romantically important menu announcement: Our HFR Honey Bird is awesome on Valentine’s Day too; (grilled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard on a toasted brioche bun). It comes with one side (how about Sweet Potato Chips?) that you could lovingly share across the table or the bar!
  • Flowers always make an impression: Maybe a dozen roses is over-the-top for you, so think one perfect rose instead! Carry in a beautiful red rose that can be placed on the table while you’re dining in comfort and style at Horsefeathers Roadhouse.
  • Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about making someone feel special: A bunch of small romantic gestures sprinkled throughout the day can add up mightily by the time the clock strikes midnight. Or, you can spend a few bucks more on our Kick Starters if your budget permits. It’s all about creativity, caring, and putting in the effort to create new memories with that extra-special someone. There is no better place for love than Horsefeathers Roadhouse!

Prefer to dine at the house for Valentine’s Day instead of driving along beautiful Lake Norman? No problem; give us a call here at Horsefeathers Roadhouse for personal party carry out orders.

Depending on what you order, you could sauce up your selection with one of our sweet sauces – we offer Texas Mild, Sweet Chili, Teriyaki and Horsefeathers BBQ. Or, you could spice things up with a spicy sauce by choosing Texas Hot, Tres Diablos, High Octane or Fire Cracker. Woo Hoo!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Join us for our Valentine’s Party with DJ Mark and dancin’! We got it going on this 14th! LOVE IT!

Remember, we ain’t like other BBQ; we smoke the competition!

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