3 Sunny Ways to Kick Off the Lake Norman Summer at Horsefeathers Roadhouse

Summer is here in mind and spirit! And guess what? This Biker Racin’ Sunday we feature a visit by Jeffery Earnhardt and his friends; which at the old HFR, are your friends too! Join us Sunday June 25! We open at noon! In fact, every day of the week, it is time to jump in the car or jump on the bike and head over to Horsefeathers Roadhouse in Sherrills Ford, between Denver and Mooresville, on NC 150.

The sounds of great entertainment, the sweet and comforting sound of opening a cold beer, and the aroma of delicious BBQ and our signature Jumbo Wings all mean we are heading to the 4th of July! Wondering what to do any day and every weekend? Head over to the west side of Lake Norman. Your world headquarters for food, fun and friends!

Horsefeathers Roadhouse  is the place to be right on the 4th of July through Labor Day! Here at the HFR, we have the best bar food in the Lake Norman region. Come and relax with the Horsefeathers girls and enjoy over the top portions and the coldest beer. We have local and regional craft beers and all the macro “faves” like PBR and Budweiser.  Let’s enjoy the best months of the year with laughs, some dancin’, and delicious southern style cooking.

Horsefeathers offers three sunny ways to party all summer long right here at the best bar on Lake Norman:

  • Craft beers: Sipping a cold craft beer is a great way to kick off summer. We have craft beers on tap including some of North Carolina’s finest beers like Nantahala, White Zombie and Green Man IPA. Other fresh craft beers on tap include Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Land Shark and Sam Adams Rebel IPA. Our beers are regularly rotated and always fresh, delivered with our state-of-the-art beer delivery system.
  • Live music: Music is always the best during the summer. On Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons, we feature live music. Here at HFR, some of the live bands we have recently had include Ziggy Pockets and Friends, Abe Reid, Mike Cansler, Justin Williams, Dan Campbell, Bongo Bach, Josh Black and the Kevin Nichols Band. Check out our events calendar for a complete list of bands and dates. Stop by our crazy cool Facebook Page for immediate gratification, HFR news and menu highlights!
  • BBQ, Hawg Wings and JUMBO Wings: Let’s not forget the wonderful aroma of BBQ and our signature smoked and fried Jumbo Wings to kick off summer. Here at HFR, we have the best bar food around. How about some awesome baby back ribs or a “melt in your mouth” pulled pork plate? We also have our famous and mouthwatering Hawg Wings; no one has them! Slow cooked for hours in our HFR smokehouse for that special juicy taste and tenderness, and they are not found anywhere else! How about a Boss Hawg Sandwich? It is delicious house-smoked pork, grilled ham, bacon, and southern slaw on a toasted brioche bun. Try it; you’ll like it!

Kick off summer the right way here at Horsefeathers Roadhouse and Park. We also have party rooms available for all occasions and bulk take out. Call us at 704-966-0192 to reserve a party room or bulk take out.

Horsefeathers Roadhouse and Park is easy to find, located in Sherrills Ford off NC 150, just nine miles west of the Mooresville Sam’s Club; 3746 Mt. Pleasant Rd., in the beautiful Lake Norman Region.

Check out our #HFR Smokehouse on site; it is the largest in the region!  

Remember, if you ain’t here, you ain’t nowhere!


This Horsefeathers Roadhouse blog post about our Lake Norman Summer, great times and great food, is brought to you by the fun gang in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, only 20 minutes from anywhere and everywhere!

Here are directions! 

Find HFR on Facebook.  LIKE our page and SHARE our stuff! Check in on Facebook whenever you are at the HFR, and follow us on Twitter. We are even on Google + (Google My Business) where you can give us a review. Head to our website for the calendar of events and daily specials at the oldest watering hole in the LKN; it is high time to join in the fun that has been around since 1996. 

Open Monday through Saturday at 11 A.M. and Sundays at 12 p.m., we close at 12 Midnight Monday through Thursday and even later if we have the demand. We stay open until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday and 9 p.m. on Sundays. 

Our address is 3746 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Sherrills Ford, NC 28673 

Call us for anything, including party and bulk carryout orders, at 704 966 0192

Party rooms are always available. Birthdays, office parties, anniversaries, surprises, engagements and for no dang reason but a good time, are all great excuses for parties! Make your next visit to HFR one to remember! 

Horsefeathers Roadhouse is the fun place with the “Smokin’ Serious BBQ” since 1996, and we are just a pleasant drive away from every town around town.

Horsefeathers is so much #morethanbbq! 

Photo: John HandsChins

Photo 2: Horsefeathers Roadhouse